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DGM - Day Game Mastery - About DGM
Simply join, deposit and earn money. The betting is done by professionals and computers.

Since 2013, the Russian company DGM (DayGameMastery) generated systematically and verifiably high income from sports betting. The gains are passed on to members daily and reliable. The sports betting program DGM enjoys a great popularity since it scores with extremely fast payouts and high returns.

Deposits and withdrawals are handled via Perfect Money, ADV-Cash and Payeer.
  • 1.8 to 4% return per day.
  • Daily payout.
  • 40% of revenues are generated automatically by computer placed bets.
    60% of revenues come from personal bets.
Konstantin Mironov is the CEO of DGM. For 25 years he is engaged in the field of mathematics and mathematical logic. Konstantin Mironov studied professionally the probability of certain events. As a result, a mathematical model has been developed which can be used in the prediction of certain events, particularly sports events.
Strange as it may sound, but you can actually predict the outcome of a sporting event with a very high probability. The profits are based on this basis.

DGM offers 4 programs, which differ in the level of investment, the duration and the day's yield.
Deposits and withdrawals work without problems. Payments are possible already from 0,10 $.
The credits of the profits made on 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday - except Monday.
The payments and the Skype Support function properly.
If you have problems you can use the telephone support in English

The investment pays for itself in 30-45 days. Who takes out his bet until then, can reinvest risk free and enjoy the profits.

DGM - Day Game Mastery - earn up to 4% daily - Up to 7% referral commission.

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DGM - Day Game Mastery - Investment Plan
Minimum deposit of $ 10 - up to 4% profit per day - Payout six times a week

DayGameMastery (DGM) - Minimum deposit of $ 10!

DGM - Day Game Mastery - Referral Program / Marketing
Share DGM and earn money

DGM Day Game Mastery - Referral Program / Marketing
Rest of profit
20% Reserve Fund
Reserve Fund


        + 7% from 1st level

        + 4% from 2nd level

        + 2% from 3rd level

Description of the Partner Program
Invite new members into project activities. so you increase your income and also promote the development of the project. Help us to strengthen competitiveness and to increase the stability of the system as a whole.

The company offers in a commission program up to the third level. Each participant of the project can use the referral program to increase income significantly by inviting new participants into the project.

In the 1st level you receive a commission of 7% for every deposit your referrals.

In the 2nd level you receive a commission of 4% for every deposit your referrals.

In the 3rd level you receive a commission of 2% for every deposit your referrals.

DGM - up to 4% profit per day

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DGM - Day Game Mastery - FAQ
Questions and answers DGM

How can I register in the DGM project?
Click on the "Registration" button, fill out all fields of the displayed form and click below on the "Register" button.

Can I change my billing information at the end of the registration procedure?
You always have the option to change your payment information in your account.

Can I change my e-mail address after the registration procedure?
After registration, you can not change your e-mail address itself. However, if there is a need to change your email address, please contact the support of DGM.

Can I open multiple accounts at DGM?
To get a detailed answer to this question, please refer to section 4.7 of our user agreements or rules.

What is the minimum and maximum investment allowed in DGM project?
The minimum investment amount $ 10. To answer this question in more detail, please refer to our section "Marketing".

What electronic payment systems may be used in the project?
To make a deposit in our project, you can use the following payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, ADV-Cash.

I have no accounts in electronic payment systems, with which the project operates. What can I do?
Create an account at one of the electronic payment systems, with which we work. This is a simple method and does not take much time to complete. Click on the links below and follow the instructions of the electronic payment system:, or

I have an account at one of the electronic payment systems with which the project operates. However, I have no money in that account. What can I do?
In order to get money to an account of the electronic payment system, please use the possibility of a "Exchanger". On the Internet you will find many of these "Exchanger".

Can I make several deposits?
You can make any number of payments without any restrictions. You can refer to "investments" for more information.

In which way do the profits of the project will be credited?
All winnings will be credited daily for 6 days a week, except Mondays. More details, please refer to the section entitled "investment".

Can I make an additional deposit in the investment plan, in which I have already made an active deposit?
Yes. It is not forbidden in the investment rules. However, before you make an additional deposit, it is advisable to read the rules on investment in the "Marketing" section.

When will I receive my first payment from the transacted deposit?
Just 24 hours after the time of the transacted deposit, you can request a payout of profits in your account.

How long is the processing time of my withdrawal request?
The processing of all payments and withdrawal requests will take between one minute to a maximum of 24 hours. To ensure safety at the payout, all withdrawal requests will be released manually.

Are there any other fees or payment obligations?
For the investor, there are no additional fees or payment obligations.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit for the payment of winnings?
The minimum amount that can be requested is $ 0.1. For the maximum repayment amount no upper limit is provided. However, your payment system may have limits. Please read carefully the rules of the limits of your payment system.

Is a program for referral commissions provided?
Yes. To learn more about this, please see the "Marketing" section.

What is necessary to receive a referral commission?
If you wish to receive referral commissions, it is sufficient if you sign up in the project and share your referral link with your friends and acquaintances. Your referral link can be found by logging into your account.

Is an own active deposit required to obtain referral commissions?
To receive referral commissions, not private deposits are required.

How quickly the referral commission will be credited after my referral has made a deposit?
Immediately after your referral has made his deposit, you will receive a credit of referral commission in your account.

If I have a question to which I could not find the answer on the page, how do I proceed?
Please contact support. Our support can be found under "Contact". We are always available to answer promptly and quickly your questions regarding the investment process and mutual cooperation.

Payout six times a week - Day Game Mastery

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DGM - Day Game Mastery - History
The history of DGM

There are a set of ways of earnings on betting on sports events. I wouldn't want to consider all these ways here. Better I will tell you a little about what managed to achieve our company and how we did it.

My name is Konstantin Mironov. I am 45 years old and 25 of them I devoted to mathematics and mathematical logic. I professionally studied probabilities of those or other events and as a result has developed mathematical model which can be used in some gambling and in forecasting of certain events. In particular, my unique method can be used in forecasting of outcomes of sports events. And no matter how incredible it may sense, but the outcome of any sports event which can't or has no right to operating by the person or to interfere in its development, it is possible to predict with very high degree of probability. Using this knowledge as the base of future activity of the company, in 2011 I organized of like-minded team with whom has been developed strategy of forecasts performing and process of a betting which has to bring in with guarantee income regardless of number of the bets and sums vhich have been invested in these bets.

The next two years we have been spent for sharpening of methods and ways of interactive interplay, and also for improvement and modifying of some software. Therefore these two years can be considered as a certain preparatory and experimental period in our activity. I set the single goal for all collective: our method has to work like as perfectly debugged mechanism, it has to work totally unmistakably and in total result it must have to make profit always. It was a time when I most want us to become one team, which efforts and which ideas would be directed at achievement of a common goal. And I could do it.

In 2013 we began to work practically around the world as the Internet gives almost having unlimited opportunities in regard of realization of our goals. Besides magnificent analytical programs and exact mathematical algorithms, we improved long-term partnership with independent European experts in the betting area who with readiness agreed to cooperate with us, seeing in practice, what results can be reached, using my forecasting method. Over the time our method of work began interested of large foreign and Russian betting-managers, who are agree to be our representatives on the largest world betting-platforms. It became possible thanks to the increased international experience of all staff of our company and stable positive results of bets on the outcome of sports events.

In the world of a betting there aren't a lot of companies steadily and profitably working for several years in a row. We're one of the few companies which is capable to show just such results, unique and very attractive from the commercial point of view. Also, just believe my experience, perhaps, we really the best in the business. Now 2016. We faultlessly work nearly three years, increasing total profit from year to year and allowing to earn by all, who cooperates with us. And I consider that time came to throw the any mysteriousness and closeness. In the reasonable limits, of course! It is time for us to grow not only inside of the world of the elite. I wanna that people could make independently a right choice and have opportunity to come nearer to the guaranteed income so, how it is possible. And our company can give you this chance. Simply sometimes it is necessary to see prospect, to be the clever and perspicacious person. It is necessary to place correctly priorities and to take the steps supported with professional partnership. If you have these properties and you see in our face of the reliable and long-term partner in the betting area, then you on the right way. Our unique technologies operated by experience, discipline and an insight of our experts at active support of our international partners will be able to make and provide all the rest.

My vital credo – "doesn't exist the impracticable or unsolvable tasks, there are incorrectly formulated task conditions ". Our company is able to put before itself only correctly and carefully formulated conditions which always lead to positive result!

Everything that have been made by us, everything that we could reach and achieve in the world of bets on outcome of sports events, you will be able to use for achievement of new tops of wellbeing, having begun cooperation with our company.

Respectfully, Konstantin Mironov, Head of Board of the DGM company.